STEEMPUNK-NET is a browser game that combines blockchain technology, social interaction and a multiplayer role-playing game. STEEMPUNK-NET is therefore the first MMORPG to combine social networks with blockchain technology, allowing players to earn real cryptographic currencies.

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Why was STEEMPUNK-NET made?

@dehenne wanted more interaction on Steemit.
Steemit is a social network that allows users to earn a cryptographic currency called STEEM by posting articles/texts and interacting with other users of this network.

Progressive automation and the emergence of further bots have generated critical thoughts and fears in @dehenne that social exchange could be destroyed. In some conversations, the idea of creating a game that supports Steemit's core values and adds another playful component was developed relatively coincidentally.
The idea behind STEEMPUNK-NET was born.

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What does STEEMPUNK-NET have to do with a blockchain?

STEEMPUNK-NET builds on the social network Steemit. All posts posted on this network are stored in the STEEM Blockchain. STEEMPUNK-NET takes advantage of this and integrates the STEEM Blockchain into the game.

This integration also saves fights and actions in the blockchain. As an additional component, the activity of individual users is also built into the game to create a unique user experience. Users who are more active on Steemit and contribute to the success of the network have a better chance to win fights and find items.

Finally, the integration into the Steemit Blockchain also ensures that the player gets the opportunity to earn the cryptocurrency steem within the game.

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Can I earn real money in STEEMPUNK-NET?

The exact answer to this question must be yes and no. Within the game, you can earn a cryptocurrency called STEEM, which can be converted into "real" money or another cryptocurrency via different exchanges.

In principle, it's like writing articles on Steem and being rewarded for it.

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How can I earn real money in STEEMPUNK-NET?

50% of the earnings made in STEEMPUNK-NET go back to the players in different ways. Various lists of the best entries are maintained and published weekly. If you are one of the top players on one of these lists, you will be eligible for the prize. For example, there are best-lists for the best fighter, for whom he or she has found the most items, or for the best newcomer.
There will also be competitions and quests that can be rewarded as well. 
As the last and most interesting way to participate in the profits, there are legendary items...

Distributions are paid out on a weekly basis and newcomers have the chance to become a part of STEEMPUNK-NET right from the start.

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