We updated the SPN Server, not really out of our own will but because there was a small change on the steem side of things and this made our server more or less crash.
So we used this as an opportunity to update the whole SPN Server, this results in profiles loading much faster now and an overall increased stability and faster response.

As most of you already know, we wanted to put the housing online on March 18th. Well, unfortunately, something came up. We put it already online last weekend :-) Some of you have already discovered it, there is a new button in the SPN panel.

Honestly, Iam absolutely thrilled to get this housing extension live, it looks amazing and will get the game on a whole new level. Imagine how grand this will all be when we launch the crafting module after the housing... Great times ahead! Do not miss out on that video!

Oops he did it again! @dehenne has released another Video for me to use in the newsletter.
In this you can see a lot more of the functionality! This is going to be a real fantastic feature and bring a lot of versatility and fun to the game!