Dear Clockwork community, brave fighters,
It's been a long time since you've heard from us. The summer break is over, many talks have been held and truckloads of ideas have been discussed.

Hooray, there is something new at STEEMPUNK-NET!
Our new Bot o’ Delegations is running smooth and stable since 2 weeks and we are ready to release this new functionality!

Thanks alot to all the players that already delegated some SteemPower to our @steempunknet account. This has given us the possibility to test this new Bot extensively until full automation was reached.

A while ago, a movement began within the Steempunk Community, that was aimed at building up the possibilities to have real guilds of players within the world and the game.
We already have introduced them within the newsletters, but now we want to go the next consequent step and enrich the possibilities that these guilds are bringing along for the players.

As already told in our last newsletter, we are currently working on a mechanism to reward people that are delegating Steempower to @steempunknet.
We are already quite advanced with the development and think that we can get this out within the next weeks.

We updated the SPN Server, not really out of our own will but because there was a small change on the steem side of things and this made our server more or less crash.
So we used this as an opportunity to update the whole SPN Server, this results in profiles loading much faster now and an overall increased stability and faster response.

As most of you already know, we wanted to put the housing online on March 18th. Well, unfortunately, something came up. We put it already online last weekend :-) Some of you have already discovered it, there is a new button in the SPN panel.