Honestly, Iam absolutely thrilled to get this housing extension live, it looks amazing and will get the game on a whole new level. Imagine how grand this will all be when we launch the crafting module after the housing... Great times ahead! Do not miss out on that video!

Oops he did it again! @dehenne has released another Video for me to use in the newsletter.
In this you can see a lot more of the functionality! This is going to be a real fantastic feature and bring a lot of versatility and fun to the game!

Character Artwork contest up and running: WIN 50 STEEM!
We launched our very first task request via Utopian.io and in doing so have opened the contest to draw our 4 Characters that we are having in game. We want to have new and improved graphics and give out 50 Steem as prize to the winner, drawing both Adventurer(male&female) and Aristocrat(male&female)!

Updated to newest STEEM API --> less lags!
Thanks to our brilliant development team we have been able to update to the most recent STEEM API and in doing so reduced massively the lags we had during the last weeks!
Now we are getting very good performance and have the data within our mysql database in roundabout a minute!, this is improving the game performance and feedback drastically!

Dear Steemians,

the last week was a very busy one, even though there was a change of years we worked a lot and many cool things have happend :) but read and see for yourself !

Player rewards working !
We made it and we all are super proud, the first payout for players is happening tomorrow, we are very excited about that and are going to improve this over the following week.
This is possible because we launched our statistics module that is posting daily the best fighters and other stats on our statistics account @steempunksnet.