"Proof of Game" Version 1 is in testing
With the latest issue of our daily statistics on the @steempunksnet account, we added some of our players as beneficiaries, like we told from the very beginning.

Congratulations @ravenruis and @simonjay for being the first ones ever receiving a payout from this :)

Hi all and be welcome to the Weekly Newsletter Number 10, this time for the first time directly from the @steempunknet account.

I will again jump the normal procedure and directly talk about the things we are cooking in our laboratories :)
Even though we wanted to somehow pause during christmas season we did not and have a few very cool achievements to announce.

A damn lot of very good and promising things happend in the last week, first and foremost STEEMPUNK-NET is the first project to be sponsored by @jerrybanfield and his new budget initiative. We are extremely proud and are working even harder to make this a huge success.

Again we did a lot for getting more informations about the game to the players, so a whole new section has been opened up on our website, including statistics and player lists and a whole lot of other things. So go and check it out!

This week we concentrated on givin the player more informations about the battle results and therefore introduced a cool new battle result display, a screenshot is visible in the screenshot area. Additionally we fixed quite a lot of bugs, even if there is one very very persistent one :)

Hi all, this week we have started the closed Beta with our MMORPG on the Steem Blockchain called STEEMPUNK-NET.
So far it has been a start without many bugs and we already have a lot of fantastic people playing! Iam really proud of how things are evolving currently.

Only five weeks have passed since we successfully developed the first prototype for STEEMPUNK-NET based on @dehenne and @jedigeiss Whitepaper during our two-day hackathon. Since then we have been hard-working: With this post, the Closed Beta for STEEMPUNK-NET opens its doors for you.

That lovely beta feeling that wonderful beta feeling ...
I must say that we are really kind of extremely nervous and happy at the same time ..

Beta Beta Beta! We are all super excited over here!
The closed beta will start at Cyber Monday, on 27th of November 2017 and will run during the complete cyber week!
Details will be given out to all closed beta participants in a short while. An extra channel in our discord server (see in the communication channels area) has been created, come and join us dear beta testers :)

Most important things first, iam super proud to have an official date for the start of the closed beta !
The closed beta will start at Cyber Monday, on 27th of November 2017 and will run during the complete cyber week!