The world of STEEMPUNK-NET

New Powers: Multinational Corporations and Blockchains

It's the year 2279. The economy collapsed. Governments have no power anymore. Fiat currencies have become worthless. 

Instead, multinational corporations control world affairs. With cryptocurrencies, they have created new funds and are spending them on their loyal customers. What began as a utopia has long since become a means of totalitarian consumer surveillance. Blockchains control the lives of people in this new society.

Businesses act like the states of yesteryear: they enact their own laws; they monitor compliance with their rules and ensure that offenders are punished fairly. Thanks to the sheer confusing data flows, multinationals know everything about the citizens - and the citizens have long since lost their sovereignty over their data.

New social order: At the top and bottom

Most people are hardly disturbed by these conditions. As they have been doing for thousands of years, they are indulging in their everyday lives. They give themselves up to advertising, populists and pre-chewed content, but they don't question anything. But some of them live differently....

The aristocrats are at the very top - in the truest sense of the word. The elite of the new company consists of the richest entrepreneurial families and thrones on the highest floors of the skyscrapers of all urban megacities. Equipped with the latest technology, their potential for higher things is artificially improved before they are born - genetic optimisation, sophisticated implants, performance-enhancing stimulation packs. 

But the price for life in luxury and transhumanistic performance enhancement is high: young aristocrats are constantly under observation starting with the first cell division in the womb. Always online, always tracked, always analyzed - and the blockchain never forgets anything. Often it is only noticeable that you are sitting in a golden cage when you try to break out of it...

The adventurers are at the bottom. In the deepest gorges of the urban Molochs they live their existence. The basic needs of the new and old worlds are not adequately met here. There is a lack of water, food, Internet access and crypto money. While the beautiful new world reigns in the upper floors, the lower class has lost everything: knowledge, possessions, culture... 

But instead, you have a freedom down here that the upper world can only dream of. Because anyone who is offline elude the all-embracing grip of the corporations. Here the law of the strongest - or that of the cleverest - prevails. Anyone who can still gain access to secure network connection can make a lot of money - provided you don't care about decency and morality.

New challenges: battles on the agenda

Whether up or down, aristocrat or adventurer: you are not like the other sheep, who follow their daily life plans. You want more!
The STEEMPUNK-NET consortium enables organised duels between the citizens of Steemit: Arena and street fights, to which everyone can register. Each Clockwork-Fighter thus becomes a hunter and at the same time a prey. The fight lurks at every corner.

The most successful Clockwork-Fighters will be rewarded with glory and honour in a weekly ranking. As rewards, coins, valuable items and ever-increasing combat experience are enticing. And then there is the mystery surrounding the Holy Private Key, which promises special prosperity in this corrupt world....

Are you a rich, decadent aristocrat who uses his superhuman abilities to prove his superiority in duels? Or are you an impoverished, bagged adventurer who has to seek battle to ensure his daily survival?

In the world of STEEMPUNK-NET, fate rewards the brave - or the desperate.