Adventurer - Bitter Poor Underworld Rats

Sophisticated trickster between gloomy canyons and steam engines

So you're one of those underworld rats who live deep in the gorges of Steemopolis and who never see daylight? Do you even have access to the net and know what a blockchain is, you analog? Haha!

As an adventurer, you're at the bottom. In the deepest canyons of the urban Molochs, which never see the daylight, you live your existence. There is a lack of water, food, Internet access and crypto money. While the beautiful new world reigns in the upper floors, you have lost everything: knowledge, possessions, culture...

In return, you have a freedom the upper world can only dream of. Because anyone who is offline elude the all-embracing grip of the corporations. Here the law of the strongest - or that of the cleverest - prevails. As an adventurer on the fringes of society, you'll recombine old, forgotten technologies to somehow secure your survival.

But there is a way out of the gutter of the megacity: The battles in STEEMPUNK-NET's clockwork arena promise coins, online access and an unprecedented degree of esteem. Apply today and work your way up the weekly rankings!