Aristocrats - New rich entrepreneurial elite

Transparent people between Transhumanism and Victorian values

Forgive me, Sire, for having to ask about your origins! It's regulation, very strict, I'm just following orders from above. Well, it's yours, because you come from the upper floors. From one of the successful entrepreneurial families, I presume? One of the big multinationals?

As an aristocrat, you are at the top of the list - literally. You are a member of the elite of the new STEEMPUNK-NET society and a member of one of the richest entrepreneurial families. 

You will be enthroned on the highest floors of the skyscrapers of all urban megacities. Equipped with the latest technology, your potential for higher education has been artificially improved before your birth - genetic optimization, sophisticated implants, performance-enhancing stimulation packs. 

But the price for life in luxury and transhumanistic performance enhancement is high: as a young aristocrat, you are under constant observation with the first cell division in the womb. Always online, always tracked, always analyzed - and the blockchain never forgets anything... 

But there is a way out of the Golden Cage: The battles in STEEMPUNK-NET's clockwork arena promise fame, honour and an unprecedented degree of freedom. Apply today and feel what it means to go your own way!